Triangle K Kosher Supervision

& Certification of Manufacturers, Products and Plants Around the World


The Triangle K symbol is a patented and trademarked logo that signifies “kashrut” as defined by the most stringent of Orthodox Jewish law. The organization offers its rabbinical supervision and certification on any ingredient or product that meets the strictest criteria of what makes such items kosher.
The food business has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Mass production and national and international distribution has brought new pressures to bear on company profits, production quantity, ingredient complexity and product diversification. And the reliability of Kosher food certification has become a key figure in the company’s bottom line profit margin and customer satisfaction.

Triangle K is a symbol of integrity representing the most trusted and reliable name in strict rabbinical food certification and supervision. For over a half century we have been committed to making kosher food products available to Jewish people around the world in the widest variety of food products.

The commitment of this consortium of Orthodox Jewish rabbis is, above all else, rooted in their desire to see as wide a range of food products made available to kosher Jewish consumers worldwide.

To this end, Triangle K and Associates works side by side on an individual basis with each of their clients to create reasonable and cost effective certification and supervision programs.