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Rabbi Jehoseph H. Ralbag

Was born in the Holy City of Jerusalem. He studied at the Yeshivahs Etz Chayim and Merkaz Harav in Jerusalem. He received Smicha (ordained) with the highest honors, Yore Yore Yodin Yodin, by the most pious Rabbis of the Holy Land; Rabbi Iser Zalman Meltzer – Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivahs Etz Chaim, Rabbi Yacov Moshe Charlap – Rosh Yeshivah of Merkaz Harav, and Rabbi Hirsh Pesach Frank – Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and others.
HaRav Ralbag is presently the Rov of Congregation Bnai Israel on East 77th Street , New York City which is a strictly Orthodox Kehila (community).
HaRav Ralbag is the author of the Sefer Imre Yehosef, a scholarly book on Halacha and a commentary on the Sefer Mitzvos Koton -The Smak, one of the Tosefos Luminaries of the 12th century. The Rov also contributed numerous Torah articles to the American Rabbinical Journals,”Hapardes” and “Hamaor” and to the Jerusalem Torah Journal, “Noam”, “Kol Torah.” He is the Kashruth Consultant of the national magazine, “The Synagogue Light” and is an executive member of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, Agudas HaRabonim.

Rabbi Aryeh L. Ralbag

As the son of esteemed Rabbi Jehoseph Ralbag, Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag is the “posek” (issues rabbinical rulings) and Head Kashruth Coordinator of Triangle K. He was born in New York City and studies at the world famous Lithuanian Chevron Yeshiva – Hebron Rabbinical College, in Jerusalem, where he received Semicha (rabbinical ordination) Yore Yore Yodin Yodin. In 1975, Rabbi Ralbag received further Dayanus Semicha from the Yeshiva, Badatz of Ashkenazim Perushim in Yerushalayim, Roshei Yeshiva, Dayanim and Rabbonim. The list of those who gave him Semicha include Rav Moshe Chevroni, Rav Eliezer Platchinsky, Rav Ovadia Yosef, Rav Avraham Rosenthal and, the most essential for him, his grandfather, HaRav Aron Yehuda Arak.
Rabbi Ralbag was Rabbi of the city of Amsterdam and its Beth Din (ecclesiastical court) from 1975-83. From 1983 to the present, he has served as Rabbi and Spiritual Leader of the Young Israel of Avenue K/Congregation Ahavath Israel in Brooklyn, New York. He heads the Beth Din (rabbinical court) on the Agudath HaRabbonim, the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, which deals with all issues of Halacha (Jewish Law). Rabbi Ralbag has published numerous Jewish legal responsa in rabbinical journals, including HaPardes, Moriah and HaMaorl. He has published a major monograph – aresponsum – on the Eruv in Amsterdam in the prestigious journal, “Noam,” Vol.21, 1979.]